About us

Edge Rope is well known and the leading Rope Access Company in Saudi Arabia located at 7164 Abi bakr  Siddiq Road, Al-Mursalat Unit No. 07, Riyadh-12462-4488  KSA. The company was established in 2010 with an aim of providing excellent and professional services in construction, maintenance, cleaning, and all sectors where Rope Access Techniques are useful which includes but not limited to Highrise Commercial, Residential, Government buildings, Towers, Industrial complex, Shopping complex/Mall, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Car showrooms, Oil and Gas, offshore Works & other structures.

Edge is a reliable, well-reputed  and professionally managed Rope access company.

Edge Rope specializes in industrial rope access that is a safe, reliable and effective  technique  to reach inaccessible areas. The unique of work positioning enables our technicians and engineers to gain rapid access to the most remote industrial locations safely  and effectively. This is a method which is more versatile than gondolas or cranes, more efficient than scaffolding and can eliminate the unnecessary downtime.

The company has experienced a steady growth and gradually built itself a portfolio of multi-discipline projects along with the development of the construction, maintenance, cleaning, and other sectors, keeping the pace with continuously evolving techniques and enriching itself with a vast experience in constrcution, maintenance and cleaning of high-rise buildings, Entertainment centers, Hotels, Luxurious villas, Warehouses as well as industrial facilities. The company has a solid base of Men and Machinery; it employs state-of-the-art methods and technology in all operations.


Our mission is to provide awareness to every individual about Rope Access opportunities by providing the highest quality services to our valued clients. Our company employs well-trained workers and uses safe, reliable, and effective rope access techniques to make our clients completely satisfied. Thus, we will relentlessly pursue the clients’ needs and objectives of a clean, safe, and healthy living and working environment


  • * Be the best provider of quality services in the kingdom.
  • * Provide high-quality services at reasonable pricing.
  • * Provide high quality, safe, dependable, and effective services.
  • * Provide “EXCEPTIONAL” customer service.
  • * Diversify services by continuous training, adaptation, and acquisition of the latest technology and state of the art techniques.
  • * Innovate and widen our environmental-friendly initiatives while giving high-quality services.
  • * Give back the service to our community by opening opportunities to every individual.


We at Rope Access Company will always provide the highest quality services with the inclusion of opening opportunities to every member of the society especially Saudi nationals. 

Therefore, our vision is:

  • * To see every client completely satisfied with our services by expressing how happy they are after we serve them.
  • * To see to it that our clients’ expectations are not just met but rather exceeded.
  • * To make sure that each client feels their importance from the time of their encounter of any of our representatives.
  • * To make each client feel, hear, and believe to our sincere desire to serve them.
  • * To make our clients understand how the quality of our services reciprocate to our pricing; and retain them as most valuable clients.
  • * Lastly, we envision that by 2030 ECCE will open thousands of job opportunities to Saudi nationals as a part of giving back to the community.