Edge Rope Access

Industrial Rope Access (IRA)

Rope access is a type of suspended access system. Industrial rope access (IRA) is a safe and modern technique employed to access high or difficult-access locations or other work area not easily accessible through conventional means (Gondolas, Cranes, Scaffolding, Man lift, etc). This technique employs ropes and small, lightweight equipment to allow trained technicians to render various engineering, testing, repair, painting, cleaning and maintenance.

Edge Rope Access Services Saudi Arabia

Edge Company provides Rope Access services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We always deliver quality services and give 100% satisfaction to our client. Edge rope access is a division of Edge Cleaning to provide the High Rise commercial & industrial services.ex-

 1. Window Cleaning  2. Painting  3. Installation of LED lights  4. Sealant application and many morefor more info. contact us