We are an IRATA Company.

The company was established in 2010 with an aim of providing excellent and professional services in construction, maintenance, cleaning, and all sectors where rope access Techniques are useful which includes but not limited to Highrise Commercial, Residential, Government buildings, Towers, Industrial complex, Shopping complex/Mall, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Car showrooms, Oil and Gas, offshore Works & other structure.
Following types of services are provided by us:

Our rope access division have technicians with wealth of knowledge in different kinds of inspection.

Our engineering solutions provide product variation and geographical diversification, development of innovative product lines from Building Access System to precast/GFRC, use of certified products etc.

Edgerope provide services for Piping & Fitting, Cutting & Welding (6G/6GR), Insulation / Tracing Repairs. 

With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to supply and offer only quality products and quality services

Aside from quality services, we also offer certified products that can help our customers maintain their buildings in a safe manner. Our products range from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Cleaning System etc. 

Edge rope access is available to provide all manner of commercial high rise building maintenance and cleaning services including window washing, graffiti removal, high dusting, metal cleaning and restoration, solar panel cleaning and more.


Edge Rope can help in making every project into reality by ensuring all difficult-to-access areas are completed. We use safe and reliable materials in doing the jobs with the help of our well-trained technicians.

Edge Rope provides Facade Window cleaning services whether it is an exterior or interior part of high-rise buildings.

We provide support services to your maintenance for various facilities across the Kingdom. Our high-caliber team can offer support in almost all kind of maintenance needs.

We do Entertainment Lighting Application, 3D interactive Lighting Application, Media Facade Lighting Application, Architectural Landscape lighting Application, Aviation Lighting and Landscape Lighting.

Edge offers safe inspections, testing, and structural surveys at height or in difficult-to-access areas. Some locations like industrial plants or buildings are difficult for your inspectors, technicians, and supervisors to access.

Edge Rope has been providing different services to different industries with high quality works. This does not exclude working in telecommunications. 


Edge Rope provides excellent services to support your business whether you are involved in exploring, extracting, refining, transporting or marketing oil, gas, oil sands or other hydrocarbons.


We proudly provide IRATA rope access training courses at our IRATA approved training center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  •  IRATA Certified Technicians
  •  IRATA Certified Trainer
  •  IRATA Certified Training Center
  •  Well maintained and certified equipments
  •  Multidisciplinary teams



 Rope access professionals can apply the techniques to a wide variety of environments, from confine space penstocks to tower structures etc.


 Rope access is very economical. Because fewer personnel can accomplish faster completion it means minimal downtime


 Rope access techniques and equipment has minimal effect on the surrounding environment compared to traditional access methods.


 Independently rope access technicians uphold an exceptional safety record which makes it one of the safest jobs in the whole
construction industry.


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