Haramain High-Speed Rail

Edge Rope Access did Fabric Installation and Full Accessories for Platform and Car Parks.

The Haramain High-speed Railway (HHR) is a state-of-the-art project providing a vital new service for the millions of pilgrims travelling between the Holy Cities of Makkah 

This project serves not only gateways to these holy cities but also as civic social centres, filled with places to meet, shop, eat and shelter from the sun beneath their rhythmic arched roof canopies. The architectural design provides a comfortable, uplifting experience for passengers. Climate-controlled concourse spaces provide respite from the desert climate. The design concept draws on Islamic architecture and takes the traditional gateway arch form as the basis for its roof design.

EDGE was entrusted to participate in this project to provide its expertise in fabric installation to make sure that the design is followed. The EDGE Team did the fabric installation and the full Accessories on the Platform and Car Parks. These parts of the project are one of the views that catch the passengers and passersby’s attention. Thus, accurate and appropriate installation should be followed to keep the plans and design