Course Overview:

The course is mainly practical with the emphasis being placed on building the candidate’s confidence and competence in the discipline. Independent IRATA assessment is carried out on day 6. Successful candidates receive a new certificate and ID card. Certificate is valid for three years. The course is delivered over a Five-day period, excluding assessment.


The IRATA Level 2 certificate is the second step in the IRATA certification scheme. The Level 2 builds on the Level 1 course material and the candidate’s practical experience. More in depth rigging and rescue techniques as well as a higher degree of proficiency on the ropes consolidate the candidate’s experience and offer an introduction to the advanced techniques of Level 3. A Level 2 certificate confirms the candidate’s experience and competence to operate as a reliable worker.

Course Content:

  • Proficiency in all Level 1 techniques
  • Enhanced rigging techniques
  • Rescue from Ascenders
  • Rescues from manoeuvres – aid climb, deviation, rebelay, rope transfer
  • Hauling and lowering casualties
  • Level 2 theory
  • Equipment selection, inspection, care and maintenance


  1. Physically fit
  2. Be able to read and write English
  3. Minimum 1 year experience and 1000 working hours logged on level 1
  4. If revalidating – fully completed and signed IRATA logbook to be presented to the trainer on
  5. the first morning of training

Event Details:​

  1. Training is delivered over five-day period.
  2. Candidates will be assessed by an independent IRATA Assessor after they complete the course.
  3. Lunch and snacks will be provided by EDGE Rope during course.