Our rope access division have technicians with wealth of knowledge in different kinds of inspection.

✔ Structural Integrity

✔  Risk Based Inspection

✔ Conventional Non-Destructive Testing

✔ Specialized Non-destructive Testing

✔ UAV’s Industrial Inspection

Design & Installation

Our engineering solutions provide product variation and geographical diversification, development of innovative product lines from Building Access System to precast/GFRC, use of certified products, and cutting-edge design techniques. Site administration service provides safe and effective site management for rigging and equipment needs. From a small job site, to a large industrial site, we possess the specialized experience and knowledge required to smooth the installation process, and problems that arise during installation.

✔ Building Access Design

✔  EN795 Anchor installation

✔  Installation of Permanent Access systems

✔  GFRC and Other Precast Concrete Panels Installation

✔  Glass Panels Installation

Safety Net and Lifeline Systems

Safety nets are used for a number of purposes in an urban environment including catching debris on construction sites, creating a stable working area for workers, making it possible to carry out work independently of the activities at lower levels. EDGE Rope’s highly skilled and experienced rope access netting team are able to add this to your building, even in the most difficult to reach places, using ropes and abseiling techniques.


All our technicians have the required training, skills, knowledge, and experience to do different kinds of mechanical works. We know how critical it can be to your business to have a piece of equipment down. That is why we constantly update and educate our technicians and staff.

✔ Piping & fitting

✔ Cutting & Welding (6G/6GR)

✔ Insulation / Tracing repairs

Access Solutions

With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to supplying and offering only quality products and quality services that are at the leading edge of industry productivity and safety standards. 

✔ Rope Access Services

✔  Fall Arrest System

✔  Safety Net systems

✔  Suspended Deck systems

✔  Suspended Work Platforms


Aside from quality services, we also offer quality and certified products that can help our customers maintain their buildings in a safe manner. Our products range from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Cleaning System

✔ Personal Protective Equipment

✔ Monorail & Track Systems

✔ Ionic System


We proudly provide IRATA rope access training courses at our IRATA approved training center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  •  IRATA Certified Technicians
  •  IRATA Certified Trainer
  •  IRATA Certified Training Center
  •  Well maintained and certified equipments
  •  Multidisciplinary teams


Edge rope access is available to provide all manner of commercial high rise building maintenance and cleaning services including window washing, graffiti removal, high dusting, metal cleaning and restoration, solar panel cleaning and more.

✔ Building Wrap and Art work installation

✔ External Facade Maintenance & Construction cleaning

✔ High Rise window cleaning & Glass repairs / polishing

✔ Reach and Wash systems

✔  Projects Monitoring and Survying

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