Construction – Difficult Access Installation

Thorough planning, designing, and constructing are needed in building every infrastructure. With this, Edge can help make every project into reality by ensuring all difficult-to-access areas are completed. We use safe and reliable materials in doing the jobs with the help of our well-trained technicians. 

Facade Cleaning

Edge Rope provides Facade Window cleaning services whether it is an exterior or interior part of high-rise buildings.  With the use of rope access Techniques applied by our well-trained technicians, this complicated and time consuming job is done in a safer, faster, and easier way. 

✔ Facade Window Cleaning Exterior / Interior

Facade Maintenance

As a part of our expertise, we also provide above average maintenance services especially with high-rise buildings. We provide support services to your maintenance for various facilities across the Kingdom. We have an experienced and well-trained team able to carry out solutions to your existing maintenance plan or last minute critical works. Our high-caliber team can offer support in almost all kind of maintenance needs.

Facade Maintenance​

Blasting / Painting / Coating/ Sanding

  Edge Rope provide Facade Maintenance for below:

✔ Cladding

✔ LED Installation

✔ Glass Installation

✔  Silicone application

Relatively simple repair and maintenance work sometimes needs to be carried out at height or in difficult to reach areas. Manlifts and scaffolding are often used, but are not suitable for all situations. Because of the minimal impact on surroundings, you are able to focus on your core activities. EDGE Rope has a team of IRATA certified in-house rope access technicians that are specialised in the following activities:

✔ Blasting & painting

✔ Grinding & cleaning

✔ Concrete maintenance

Structural Survey / Repair / Maintenance

At EDGE Rope, we provide the highest quality rope access condition surveys and asset inspection services.

Visual and tactile condition surveys undertaken using industrial rope access techniques are one of the safest, most cost effective and accurate tools to determine the condition of a building or structure.

✔ Condition surveys and testing

✔ Structural surveys

✔ Defect inspections

✔ “Make safe” surveys

✔ Window inspections

✔ Quality Assurance Inspections of works undertaken by other rope access Contractors

✔ Steel, aluminum and cast iron inspection

✔ Paint and condition monitoring

✔ Emergency works – Safety removals or dangerous high level items

Fabric Installation

1. ETFE Installation and Maintenance

2. Fabric Structures Maintenance

Like all live systems, ETFE cushion roofs need to be maintained to ensure performance and longevity.

An ETFE foil cushion roof is dependent on its inflation system so we recommend that the air handling units are serviced twice a year. EDGE Rope has a group of experienced rope access technicians for this type of work which deals with planned and emergency works at sites across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our team offers:

✔ Installation of ETFE Cushions

✔ Visual inspection of the ETFE Cushions

✔ Checks of all components to ensure fixity and integrity

✔  Repair of minor holes and tears

To ensure their longevity and reliability, tensile fabric structures should undergo regular inspection and maintenance. This is required by some building warranties and health and safety regulations.

While all of our structures are built to last, weather conditions, accidents and misuse do mean they can deteriorate over time. This is why we offer the following:

✔ Professional cleaning

✔ Comprehensive inspection reports and condition surveys

✔ Repairs

✔ A 24 hour response service is available offering emergency support and technical expertise

Facade Lighting

Entertainment Lighting Application, 3D interactive Lighting Application, Media Facade Lighting Application, Architectural Landscape lighting Application, Aviation Lighting and Landscape Lighting


Working at height and in confined spaces brings with it some special requirements. Even when using scaffolding or manlifts, incidents can occur. In such cases, the evacuation of victims is a specialist job for which even fire brigades are not always adequately equipped. EDGE Rope has a specially trained rescue team that complies with the strict regulations and standards for this kind of interventions.

Our rope access Rescue Team offers the following services:

✔ Rescue Stand-by

✔ Workplace restriction

✔ Fall protection

✔ Railing Installation

✔ Lifeline Installation (Temporary & Permanent)

Rigging and Lifting

Removing, installing or moving equipment in confined spaces and difficult to reach places can be a complex task. In many cases, the use of cranes or other heavy lifting equipment is not possible. EDGE Rope has specialized knowledge and experience in moving and positioning heavy loads using a combination of rope access and rigging & lifting. This combination helps minimize both project expenditure and installation downtime.

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