Course Overview:

The majority of the course is spent practising and refining advanced rescue techniques so that the candidate has the ability and confidence to extract any team member from any possible difficulty. There is also a written paper which concentrates on the candidate’s theoretical knowledge.


The IRATA Level 3 certificate is the top level in the IRATA certification scheme. The Level 3 builds on the candidates experience and prepares him to take on the roles of Team Leader, Safety Supervisor, Rescue-man and Rigger. Thus far IRATA rope access has an impeccable safety record, this is largely due to the quality of Level 3’s in the field. This course aims to maintain, and build on, these high standards.

Course Content:

  • Current legislation and regulations
  • Equipment selection, inspection, care and maintenance
  • Operational planning and risk assessment
  • Proficiency in Level 1 and 2 techniques
  • Advanced rigging techniques
  • Advanced rescue techniques
  • Team Management and responsibilities


  1. Physically fit
  2. Be able to read and write English
  3. Minimum 1 year experience and 1000 working hours logged on level 2
  4. If revalidating – fully completed and signed IRATA logbook to be presented to the trainer on
  5. the first morning of training

Event Details:​

  1. Training is delivered over five-day period.
  2. Candidates will be assessed by an independent IRATA Assessor after they complete the course.
  3. Lunch and snacks will be provided by EDGE Rope during course.