Course Overview:

The course is mainly practical with emphasis placed on learning to perform the techniques safely and efficiently. The course is assessed on the final day by an independent SPRAT Evaluator. On successful completion the candidate is issued with a logbook, certificate and ID card. Candidates are reassessed three-yearly. The course is of a five-day duration, excluding assessment. There will be an online test to evaluate candidate’s theoretical knowledge.


The SPRAT Level 1 course is designed for candidates who have never done any rope access course before. The Level 1 certificate is the first step in a three level structure. Candidates should expect a hard week both mentally and physically as they come to grips with the wide range of access techniques required to pass the independent assessment on the final day. As a qualified Level 1, the candidate will always be under the safety supervision of a Level 3. Safety is an overriding concern during training and assessment. It should be noted that this course requires a reasonable degree of physical and mental dexterity.

Course Content:

  • Rigging, knots and rope work
  • Understanding and safe use of equipment
  • Rope manoeuvres
  • Structural climbing techniques
  • Simple rescue
  • Background and theory
  • General safety and aptitude


  1. Physically fit
  2. Be able to read and write English

Event Details:​

  1. Training is delivered over five-day period.
  2. Candidates will be assessed by an independent SPRAT Evaluator after they complete the course.
  3. Lunch and snacks will be provided by EDGE Rope during course.